New Maternity Line Up

HEA has been carrying new Momzelle & Naked Nursing breastfeeding apparel for nearly two years. The addition was well-received and women were really excited to mix-and-match new & consignment breastfeeding apparel in one order! 

So we thought we'd do the same for our pregnant mamas!! We've sourced new maternity apparel! We're excited to offer you current styles, patterns, and colors at a price that beats the big brands! 

Our goal is to provide you with a great selection of clothing in the mid-price range, there are enough high priced maternity retailers out there. This is why HEA was created, to offer style, comfort, and an affordable option for your clothing needs. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are huge life events and you should be able to spend a little money on you and not feel guilty.

You can look forward to:

*Great Prices
*Current Styles & Colours
*A better selection
*Buying new & consignment in one place!

Here is a look at our new collection!




Be sure to read our blog post about classic color pairings for this season's favorite color!



















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