The Realities of Breastfeeding: Chapter 1


Imagine this...

It's 3:00am you're rocking in your new glider and breastfeeding your LO. You hear "the burp" coming deep from your baby's tummy. You break the latch to burp your LO, and suddenly The Niagara Falls of spit up hits you right in the chest and fills your bra! 

What Do You Do?

You've got a bra in the wash that's still not clean. And clearly you can't keep wearing this one. A bra is a must have right now 'cause your boobs leak and you need to wear breast-pads 24/7!

This is why We Recommend a Minimum of Three Nursing Bras!

You put baby to bed, clean yourself up, and you put on your third nursing bra of the day.

We've been there Mama!!! And We've got your back!

We don't want you doing laundry at 3:00am, that's why we always offer a great price on all our bras!

Life happens! You can't do laundry every day. When baby naps, sometimes you NEED (and should) be resting too. 


Nursing Bras Must Have

You'll need a bra suited for what you do. 


We recommend the seamless bra. It's comfortable for side sleepers. Great for support (you can cross the straps in the back), and it can also be worn for low impact exercise. 


classic everyday bra in a neutral colour is a great way to start your day. This bra is designed for heavy milk boobs and comfort. There is no underwire to poke your side boob.

Who say's your bra choices need to be bland? Pink, baby blue, or black. This classic everyday bra also includes a bra extender so you're guaranteed the right fit. 

Working Out & Yoga

We have three styles to choose from.

The seamless does up like a normal bra. No need to pull it over your head.

Our incredibly soft bamboo bra has lots of stretch, so if your let-down comes and fills you up, this bra will continue to support you. 

The quick drying sports bra with matching leggings. 'Cause having matching pieces can make you feel put together! 

Date Night

Sexy lace in burgundy or black to make you feel like you're more than a milk machine!



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