What Size Maternity Clothing Do I Need? Pregnancy Body Type

The general rule when buying your maternity wardrobe, is to stick to your pre-pregnancy size. But, as always, there are some exceptions to this rule. The type of pregnancy body you start to develop in the first trimester, and how you carry baby can change the size you’ll need as your pregnancy progresses.

In this blog post we'll discuss the four different pregnancy body types. You can read about the different bump carry styles here.

Pregnancy Body Type

Generally speaking, there are four different body types during pregnancy. Your pregnancy body type is determined by which part of your body is changing the most. 

  1. Growing Breasts
  2. Widening Hips and Booty
  3. Only Bump, no changes
  4. Weight Gained All Over


1. Boobs Boobs and More Boobs!

Some pregnant people experience a change in cup size in every trimester! Thye just keep growing and growing and growing!


What does this mean for you?

You’ll need to go up a shirt size, maybe two, to accommodate your ever-changing breasts. You'll also be changing your bra size at least once per trimester.


Want a money saving hack when it comes to bra shopping?

Invest in breastfeeding bras during your pregnancy. Remember, what goes up, must go down. Save the bras you outgrow because they’ll fit again in the fourth trimester or in you post-partum months.


2. Hips Expand and Your Booty Pops!

Some pregnant people experience a widening of the hips before their belly pops. Usually the widening of the hips is accompanied by a gorgeous bubble butt!


What does this mean for you? 

You’ll need to go up a pant size to accommodate your changing hips and seat.

Remember when buying bottoms in letter sizing that a letter size is a range of two size.  

For example Size XS is a size 0 or a 2, S is a size 4 or 6, M is a size 8 or 10, L is a size 12 or 14, XL is a size 16 or 18, and XXL is usually a size 20. That means your size increase might be from a. Size 12 to a size 14, so you’d still fit in a size large.


3. You’re All Bump

You may be one of the pregnant people who only experience the growth of a bump. The rest of your body stays the same. From the back you don't look pregnant at all!


What does this mean for you?

No change anywhere else means you can stick to your pre-pregnancy size for your entire pregnancy. This is a big time and money saver, you can shop ahead at any point in your pregnancy and you’re almost guaranteed the clothing will fit you until the end.

4. You Gain Weight All Over

Yup, it happens, your face changes, your boobs change, your hips and thighs change. It feels like your entire body is pregnant. You can feel fat instead of pregnant, I know ‘cause I’ve been there.


What does this mean for you?

 Your clothing size is going to change. Shirt size and bottom size will go up. You might be in your pre-pregnancy size for your first trimester, but you’ll go up a size in the second trimester, and again in the third trimester.

This can be an expensive pregnancy because you essentially need a new wardrobe for each trimester. We can help you save a bunch of money on your clothes and keep you comfortable throughout these changes.

Pregnancy is different for everyone. Embrace your changing body. We can help you save money on your maternity clothing needs, and as a way to say thanks for stopping by, Save 15% off your purchase with us with code Bump15. This code expires December 31, 2021 and can not be combined with any other offer. 


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