What Size Maternity Clothing Do I Need? Your Bump Style

The general rule when buying your maternity wardrobe, is to stick to your pre-pregnancy size. But, as always, there are some exceptions to this rule. The type of pregnancy body you have, and how you carry baby can change the size you’ll need as your pregnancy progresses.

 In This blog post, we are going to focus on the way your body carry's baby. You can read about the different  pregnancy body types here

Bump Style

There are four different bump types, and they can affect the length of tops you’ll need, and your pant size!

  1. Carrying Low
  2. Carrying High
  3. Carrying small (back pregnancy)
  4. Carrying wide

No two bellies are the same, and no two pregnancies are the same. Some people believe they can predict the sex of the baby just by how a pregnant person carries. 

 1. How Low Can You Go?

Baby making besties with your bladder? This bump style has baby hanging out low in your pelvis.

FUN FACT: Some believe that a low carry is a sign you’re having a boy. This doesn’t hold true for everyone.


What does this means for you? 

You may need to go up a pant size. You can also choose bottoms with a low rise belly panel or pocket  (hip, inset) panels for added comfort.


2. High Carry

Does baby like to play your ribs like a xylophone? This bump style has baby growing high or centre.  

FUN FACT: Some believe that a high/centre carry is a sign you’re having a girl. This doesn’t hold true for everyone.

What does this mean for you?

Pant size should remain the same. You’ll likely find full nylon panel belly bands to be the most comfortable.

If you’re having problems with your panel rolling down, layer a belly band overtop to keep the panel in place. What’s a belly band? A belly band is a tube of nylon blend fabric. They're often purchased in the first trimester to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy pants.


You might have to go up a top size. Fitted tops you’ll want to go up a size. Some of your other shirts may be getting short in the bell and revealing your panel to the world.


3. Small bump

You’re not pregnant! You’ll hear this a lot. Some babies like to hang out in the spine, so a bump never pops out too far. This is especially the case if you have wider hips and your baby likes to hang out in your back. This can be a very uncomfortable pregnancy.


What does this mean for you?

 You’ll likely stay in your pre-pregnancy size throughout your pregnancy. Some pregnant people with this carry style “pop” about a month before baby is born. You may need to invest in bigger tops and pants right at the end of your pregnancy. Remember, we can save you money on the pieces you won't wear for long!


4. Wide Bump

I called it the rubber tire bump, I had it when I was pregnant with my son. If this is your carry style, it will feel like your baby belly goes all around you like a donut. Baby could be developing transvers, or just likes to have all the room!


What does this mean for you?

You will need to go up shirt size. You may not be comfortable in fitted maternity tops. You will also find side seams uncomfortable, especially when sleeping. You may also need to go up a pant size. You’ll find low panels, or the fold down panels to be the most comfortable. The nylon panels are likely to not reach as high as they should.

Pregnancy is different for everyone. Embrace your changing body. We can help you save money on your maternity clothing needs, and as a way to say thanks for stopping by, Save 15% off your purchase with us with code Bump15. This code expires December 31, 2021 and can not be combined with any other offer. 


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