Who Makes Maternity Clothing? And Where Can I Buy It?

 Pregnant?! Congratulations!!!! Up until now you’ve been focused on your baby and their soon to be needs. But now your pants are getting tight and it’s time to start shopping for you, and you’re wondering,

"where am I going to buy maternity clothing?"

There are lots of great brands out there with clothing lines specifically designed to meet your pregnancy and breastfeeding needs. Some of the big brands you’re already familiar with make maternity lines. Brands like Gap, Old Navy, Mexx, H&M, George, Liz Lang, all release small lines of maternity and breastfeeding apparel every season. Your choices aren't limited to these big brands, there are many maternity exclusive brands that create wonderful pieces with you in mind.

Wondering what size you are? Basically, you start with your pre-pregnancy size. We answer that question more in depth here.


There are maternity and breastfeeding specific brands that were started by women because the options at the time of their pregnancy’s just weren’t there. Boob Design, Momzelle, Bedondine, Mumberry are examples of small businesses created by women to fill a need that didn’t exist before them. They’ve helped revolutionize the clothing we wear today, and they’ve set a standard for style, function, and comfort.


You have big maternity brands like Thyme (closed 2020), Motherhood (closed stores 2020 and moved to online only), Jessica Simpson, Insider Premium Denim, Indigo Blue, Hello Miz, Modern Eternity, and Seraphine that have been dressing bumps for decades.

There are a lot of options and price points available to you.  

You have value priced brands, that means they’re the lowest price point out there. Old Navy, George, H&M fall into this category.

There are mid priced brands. Gap, Boob Design, Bravado, Motherhood maternity, Rose Maternity, Modern Eternity, Bedondine, Latched Mama, Cadenshae & Momzelle. 

Then there are the designer brands. Paige, Noppies, Queen Mum, Led Luxe.

You can see the list of brands we carry here.


You also have dropshipping companies like Pat Pat, and all those other’s you’ve seen advertised on facebook or on Amazon, where their prices are almost ‘too good to be true’. Our warning here, buyer beware. These pieces are cheaply made. You're buying fast fashion. They're not durable, they're often not in north American sizes, and they have terrible to no resale value. You need to think of your maternity wardrobe as a rental, because if you've purchased quality clothes, we'll resell them for you when you no longer need them. These pieces were not designed with your needs in mind, they are only after your money. 


We stay clear of dropshipping companies clothes because they aren’t well made or durable. These companies hurt small business, branded clothing, and the environment. We don’t want to support businesses that are solely in business to make money. We like companies that are trying to make a difference in our lives by designing clothing that meets our needs and can be passed on.


H.E.A. is a great way to try out different brands to see how their styles and cuts suit your body. Save a bunch of money and look fabulous! The best part of H.E.A. is you can mix and match different brands for one low shipping cost.

And, maybe this is the best part, another parent gets 40% of the selling price back into their pocket!!

The second-hand fashions you see on our site are resold on behalf of other parents! It’s an amazing feeling when you buy from a small business. Our business benefits from the sale (and me and my family), and the families whose clothing we are selling also benefits. Each piece sold does so much for our little consignment community!

There you have it, a quick (ok maybe not so quick I write a lot) snapshot of where you can shop for your maternity & breastfeeding needs!


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