What Size Maternity clothing do I need?

If this is the first article you've found, you'll want to start by reading about the four different pregnancy body types, and the four bump carry styles.

This blog post will summarize the information from the other blog posts, to help you figure out your pregnancy body style and bump style. 

The general rule when buying your maternity wardrobe, is to stick to your pre-pregnancy size. But, as always, there are some exceptions to this rule. The type of pregnancy body you start to develop in the first trimester, and how you carry baby can change the size you’ll need as your pregnancy progresses. 

Pregnancy Body Type

Generally speaking, there are four different body types during pregnancy. Your pregnancy body type is determined by which part of your body is changing the most in your first trimester. 

  1. Growing Breasts
  2. Widening Hips and Booty
  3. Only Bump, no changes
  4. Weight Gained All Over

Bump Carry Style

There are four different bump types, and they can affect the length of tops you’ll need, and your pant size! Your bump style becomes visible in the second trimester.

  1. Carrying Low
  2. Carrying High
  3. Carrying Small (back pregnancy)
  4. Carrying Wide

Here's a chart that explains what size maternity clothing you should be buying throughout your pregnancy based on your pregnancy body style (first trimester) and your carry style (second & third trimester).


Pregnancy is different for everyone. Embrace your changing body. We can help you save money on your maternity clothing needs, and as a way to say thanks for stopping by, Save 15% off your purchase with us with code Bump15. This code expires December 31, 2021 and can not be combined with any other offer. 


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