Spring Walks with Baby and Your Bump!

This video was shot during COVID-19 social isolation. I'm a little stressed and low energy, but I hope my message about these great products gets through the lack of energy in my tone of voice. I hope this video finds you well!

In most parts of the country, it's not warm enough yet to step outside with baby close to you like the picture above. We have a great extender you can wear to cover both you and baby so you can keep enjoying this cuddle!

The products in this video

Mustard Cardigan is part of our New inventory Size S, M, L available 

Love mustard but not sure how to wear it? Read our blog post

Consignment Gap full zip maternity hoodie size M 

Fleece Panel 

Soft Shell Panel 

Learn more about our extender panels on our blog here

All our full-zip maternity hoodies have been matched up to a zipper for our fleece panel inserts.

These inserts are compatible with 99% of zippers and can be added to any top or coat that zips up!

Prices mentioned in this video are in Canadian dollars.


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